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Custom Pet Hardwood Casket Urns

Custom Pet Hardwood Casket Urns

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  Designed to help you honor the memory of your loved one because pets are family to.  Each Urn is created for a beautiful, timeless look that will be treasured for years to come. Small Urns are approximately 6"× 4.5"× 4"  Large Urns are approximately 7.5"× 5"× 4".

Step 1 Size

Please select the size corresponding to the pre cremation weight of the individual or animal you require the Urn for. Need 1 cubic inch per pound pre cremation weight. Example 30 pound animal would require 30 cubic inch Urn. 

Step 2 Wood

Choose wood type. If you have something specific in mind please contact me with your idea's 

step 3 Engraving 

Add inscription in the information box and any other information you want me to have.

Step 4 Purchase the Urn

Step 5 Confirmation 

Wait for confirmation email on inscription and urn type. I will confirm everything to make sure the urn is perfect. Urns are gaurenteed so you can have peace of mind when purchasing an urn from me.

We're deeply sorry for your loss and want to make this as easy as possible for you during this difficult time. 

A rendering of the engraving will be sent to confirm that it's perfect before being engraved on the Urn. Top or face option engraving. Enter information in the box provided. Feel free to contact me to discuss the Urn design if that is better, more comfortable for you.


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